Workover Rigs

High Arctic provides the equipment, personnel, and support services for workovers, well completions, abandonments and snubbing operations.

Hydraulic Workover Rig 102

  • All associated loads are heli-portable, allowing for mobilization and demobilization in remote areas
  • Can be used in place of conventional drawwork type service rigs and snubbing rig assist units
  • Provides BOP configurations that are more flexible than the smaller Stand Alone and Rig Assist applications
  • Functions efficiently on both conventional and underbalanced wells, reducing the need to mobilize additional well control support equipment during UB operations
  • Delivers tripping time during an overbalanced state that is comparable to conventional drawwork type rigs
Lift Capacity 340,000 lbs.
Snubbing Capacity 170,000 lbs. push capacity
Hydraulic Jack 10 ½ ft. stroke
Workbasket 16 x 12 ft.
Operators Panel & Well Control Panel
BOP’s 11” 5,000 psi standard
Pumps 2 x 5,000 psi SPM triplex
Hydraulic Rotary Table 22,000 ft./lb.
Pipe Handing Equipment 2 3/8 to 7-5/8 in.
Drill Pipe(s) 3,000 m x 3 1/2” 15.5 lb/ft Range 3, S Grade
Slip Bowls 5 sets 600K HAES 11 in. Full Open Slip Bowls
(2 5/8 in. to 8 5/8 in. Capability)
Tongs Farr 5500 tubing tong
McCoy 8-5/8” power tong
Power tong hydraulic positioning cylinder
Power tong hydraulic long delivery system
Gauges & Instrumentation Full instrumentation for monitoring life force, push force, well head pressure and pump pressure. Winncatt JAM monitoring.
Mud Tanks 360 bbls (2 x 150 bbl)
mongoose shale shaker
1 x 24 bbl trip tank
1 x 36 bbl settling tank


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