Relentless Focus on Quality Underpins Everything we do

At High Arctic Energy Services we care for our people and are committed to protecting the health and safety of all people on our work sites.

We respect the people, cultures, and places where we work, which includes minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment.

We value human life above all and will not prioritize profit over safety. No job is so urgent or important that the necessary steps for safety cannot be undertaken.

It is a personal obligation on all of us to proactively identify and manage the risks associated with our work and intervene in any unsafe act or condition to prevent harm to our people, the environment or damage to our equipment and reputation.

We call this quality, and it is measured by our safety statistics and customer satisfaction.

As of August 2022 we have collectively achieved 6 years and 3 million work hours recordable incident free in our Papua New Guinean operation; and, over 5 years recordable incident free in our Canadian Rentals businesses.

We are active members of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada and hold a COR certificate. We are also active members of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (Australasian chapter).

To provide our customers with timely access to our safety reporting and standards we are active subscribers to ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and Avetta.

tok sefti - phonetic in PNG for talk safety

Safe Work Strategy (SWS)

High Arctic Energy Services introduced risk management tools that contribute to positive behaviour and culture throughout its operations. The SWS Programs provide crews with a process and tools to perform work safely and productively by focusing on the key concepts of job planning, communication, ensuring equipment is fit for purpose, the work area is prepared, all energy is controlled and a final check before starting work.

The SWS programs seek to inform workers and supervisors of the hazards and necessary controls necessary to mitigate the risk associated with our business activity. This ensures that our personnel that conduct and direct the work are modeling the safety behaviours our business strives for.

The intent of the program is to create a culture that drives “Excellence in Safety & Service”.