Nitrogen Transport & Pumping Services

Versatile Applications and High Arctic’s N2 Expertise

Nitrogen ( N2) is widely used in the petroleum industry in place of air due to its inert, non-corrosive, and non-explosive qualities, and its applicability in high-risk hydrocarbon environments. Renowned for its versatility, N2 can be used in a wide variety of industrial plant and pipeline services, and during drilling operations.

High Arctic’s team of N2 field operators enjoys a well-earned reputation for reputability, reliability, and solid know-how. Our exceptional engineers and industry experts get projects completed safely, economically, and on time. We work with our clients to deploy nitrogen in a wide variety of applications, ensuring that you have the right equipment for the job and a constant supply of N2.

  • Use N2 for servicing lines, purging pipelines, and pressure-testing vessels.
  • Bring in N2 during chemical and petroleum plant system purges, pressure-ups, accelerated cool-downs, and plant turnarounds.
  • Use N2 for pipeline applications including pigging, pipeline and vessel displacement, hot line drying, and line abandonment or commissioning.
  • Facilitate withdrawal of stored liquids from vessels with N2.
  • Use N2 to enhance well flow rates: by adding nitrogen to acid blends, additional energy is created to assist in the cleanup of unwanted materials and sediments.
  • When fracing, add N2 to water and hydrocarbons to assist in formations cleanup with low bottom hole pressures.
  • Use N2 during underbalanced drilling – since nitrogen does not react negatively with most materials, it adds safety to job completion.
  • Pump N2 into underbalanced wellbores to safely improve the recovery of introduced or produced fluids, and simultaneously reduce the possibility for damaging the formation.
  • Use N2 for well bore displacement and cleanouts, mill outs, well head/well bore pressure tests, differentially stuck tubing strings and coil tubing applications, and coal bed methane stimulation.