Specialized Expertise in Snubbing Completion, Intervention and Optimization Technology

High Arctic is the industry-renowned experts in snubbing and underbalanced services. We deliver specialized snubbing equipment and crews to your site to handle all underbalanced situations.

With High Arctic’s equipment and crews, you can handle completions, drilling, workovers, and more. We have the capabilities to rotary drill and perform cleanouts on cased and open hole programs. With our snubbing expertise, you can expect savings on completion costs too.

You drill to get the maximum potential out of your wells. Snubbing reduces costs without damaging the formation. When you’re working on underbalanced wells, bring in the specialists: High Arctic Energy Services.

 Stand Alone Snubbing Units

The Stand Alone Snubbing Unit is High Arctic’s inclusive solution for completions and workovers. With the Stand Alone Unit’s inclusive features, you won’t need additional equipment to meet your service needs. This unit’s overall efficiency is underscored by fast deployment – the Stand Alone Unit can be moved on site, rigged up, and function tested for fast and immediate service.

High Arctic offers Stand Alone Unit’s with 120K, 142K, and 170K hook load options, with ability to snub up to 60 joints per  hour.

Benefits and Features of High Arctic’s Foothills Stand Alone Snubbing System:

  • Package Includes: Class III 35 mPa primary BOP/ 378 L accumulator system, pipe handling system, light plant, mud tank and triplex pump
  • 3,000 – 6,600 ft/lbs Rotary drilling system built into the travelling jack assembly
  • Equipped with a four slip configuration that allows complete mechanical control of the tubulars while snubbing light pipe or running heavy pipe
  • Slip Interlock System for increased safety while moving tubulars
  • Fassi 800 picker for lifting, rig up and pipe handling
  • Pipe handling system with catwalk and racks
  • Mobile pump and tank
  • Escape Egress Slide for additional safety, providing quick work-floor exit in case of emergency
  • Load Management System for snubbing/wellhead stabilization
  • Capable of tripping tubing in excess of 3500 meters

Rig Assist Snubbing Unit

High Arctic’s Rig Assist Snubbing Unit is a truck-mounted hydraulic system that can be used on most service and drilling rigs to manage underbalanced wellbore conditions.

Typically, the Rig Assist Snubbing Unit is contracted to work on snubbing operations as needed. Its modular design means that rig up is fast and efficient. In most cases the rig requires just one lift to set the unit in place.

The Rig Assist Snubbing Unit utilizes hydraulic rams to efficiently handle pipe. Lift power and snub force is 120,000 pounds and 70,000 pounds respectively.

Benefits and Features of High Arctic’s Rig Assist Snubbing Unit:

  • High Arctic Rig Assist Unit
  • Truck-mounted 5000 psi secondary BOP stack
  • Annular and Single Gate pressure control
  • Hydraulic tubing power tongs
  • Spooling necessary for multiple stack configurations
  • Equalize line for connecting to casing valve, or valve with access to well pressure

285 Hydraulic Workover Unit

The 285K Hydraulic Workover Unit is an ideal solution for extended reach mill-outs and fishing operations.  With it’s 4 meter stroke, telescopic guide tube, 5 sets of slips and versatile work window, this design is engineered for safe, efficient operations to complete and optimize horizontal wellbores at high working pressures.

Benefits and Features of High Arctic’s 285K Snubbing / Hydraulic Workover Unit:

  • 10,000 ft/lbs rotary with built in diverter
  • Fully guided for high pressure snubbing
  • Slip interlock system
  • Load Management system
  • Egress Slide
  • Dual counter-balance winches + 3rd utility winch
  • Lifting bar – 1 pick lift between wells
  • Secondary BOP work floors
  • Mousehole for milling

Free-Standing L-Frame

High Arctic’s Hydraulic Workover (HWO) Units include a patented L-Frame equipment configuration, which has numerous efficiencies when compared to rig and rig assist units, or traditional self-contained packages.

  • The L-Frame design’s reduced footprint and rig up capabilities produce a 2-4 hour per well advantage over its competition and make it optimal for tight well spacings.
  • The L-Frame mast eliminates critical crane lifts over energized equipment or personnel during rig in and rig out operations.
  • The L-Frame HWO design delivers the ability to push, pull & rotate tubulars without having to stop and rig in auxiliary equipment.
  • The L-Frame carrier delivers pipe racks, catwalk, pressure testing system, remote BOP stand, class III primary BOP stack and HWO unit in 1 load.

The L-Frame design has successfully completed thousands of jobs for customers in Canada and the United States, and easily adapts to all classes of wells and stack configurations.

Benefits and Features of High Arctic’s L-Frame Unit:

  • No Need for Anchors and Guylines
  • On -Board Glycol Pressure Test System
  • Can Make 100% Road Bans
  • No Critical Picker Lifts
  • Class III Primary BOP Systems (Shear Ram Capable)
  • 10K BOP Capable
  • Ram to Ram Capable for High Pressure Operations
  • SnubScape Egress System

Power Tower

High Arctic has developed the technology to install a Snubbing Unit and Blowout Preventer’s in one lift.

The unit has enhanced safety features for handling overhead equipment during drilling/circulating operations and has been designed without the need for anchors. Double joints can be racked without a worker positioned on the tubing board.

The unit offers two extended position options:

  • 80 feet for handling single joints
  • 128 feet for handling double joints


Our operation facilities are well positioned to meet the service demands of a wide variety of completions and workovers in Western Canada and the Western United States.


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