Concord prides itself on providing exceptional customer service from well site to office.  Our fleet of Free-Standing Mobile Double, Single, and Slant service rigs are managed by some of the best in the business.  We work extensively with our clients to ensure our operations and personnel are in sync with the safety and operational requirements needed for the projects we work on.  Our primary goals are to complete every project safely, economically and efficiently.

Operational Excellence

Concord takes pride in the exceptional expertise of our operations team.  With decades of experience in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, the Concord team offers an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge and can find solutions to just about any well servicing challenge.

Concord recognizes that a well servicing company’s main asset is its people and the importance of a solid base of dedicated and experienced crews is integral to the success of the projects worked on for our valued customer base. Concord has focused on building our employee base and has built a strong workforce with the capacity and expertise to meet a complete range of well servicing requirements. Concord Well Servicing brings solutions and innovations to the field and quite simply, we have the critical mass, the expertise, the safety record and the attitudes to make a difference. Our goal is to earn your business and grow with you.

Our equipment and crews ae experienced in Conventional and Thermal operations, working on both vertical and horizontal wells for well maintenance, workovers, abandonments and completions.

Extensive Fleet

Concord Well Servicing operates a diverse fleet of 51 well servicing rigs from operation centres in Western Canada and the United States. Below is a list of our active fleet of well servicing rigs.

Rig# Rig Type FreestandingDrawworksDepth Cap (m)Mast Height (m)Hook Load (daN)
2Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR40042003193000
4Mobile SingleYesMAINLAND M36024002262000
6Heavy DoubleNoSKYTOP 650-46X10550033.52 122000
9Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR400420032.680000
10Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR300300028.8/30.269000
11Mobile DoubleYesCOOPER LTO 350420031.789000
12Skid DoubleNoCOOPER LTO 350420031.789000
18Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR400420031.193000
19Mobile SingleYesKSM 550240021.9560000
25Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR400420032.393000
31Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR400420031.180000
33Mobile SingleYesSKYTOP RR300240023.3553400
35Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR300300030.864000
38Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR400420030.864000
40Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR40042003193000
41Mobile SingleYesIRONTECH 300 FS240021.353400
42Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR400420029.3/31.191200
53Mobile DoubleYesSKYTOP RR400420031.180000
54Mobile SingleYesKSM 550240021.9560000
63Mobile SingleYesCARDWELL KB200B270022.5553400
64Mobile SingleYesCARDWELL KB200B270022.5553400
70Mobile SingleYesCARDWELL KM200A27002153400
78Mobile SingleYesCARDWELL KB150180021.9553400
79Mobile SingleYesMAINLAND M36018002153400
80Mobile SingleYesMAINLAND M36018002153400
81Mobile SingleYesMAINLAND M36018002153400
82Mobile SingleYesMAINLAND M-3618002353400
84Mobile SingleYesCARDWELL KM200C270022.5553400
85Mobile DoubleYesIDECO H3542003193000
87Mobile SingleYesCARDWELL AH150021.953400
89Mobile DoubleYesIDECO H-35300029.5771100
92Mobile SingleYesCAPITAL 320150021.944500
95Mobile SingleYesCARDWELL KB150180021.953400
100Mobile SingleHulkster42002268000
101Mobile DoubleYesKSM550HD420033106757
102Mobile DoubleYesIDECO H-35300029.880000
118Mobile SingleYesGLOBAL 600240022.2653400
119Mobile SingleYesGLOBAL 600240022.2653400
120Mobile SingleYesGLOBAL 600240022.2653400
127Mobile DoubleYesKREMCO K600420034.75103000
130Mobile DoubleYesKremco K60042003297,000
132Mobile DoubleYesCAPITAL M400300031.791200
135Mobile SingleYesCOOPER LTO 25018002266000
144Mobile SingleYesCOOPER LTO 250240021.753400
146Mobile SingleYesMAINLAND M360200021.953400
147Mobile SingleYesIDECO H-25150021.960000
148Mobile SingleYesCOOPER LTO 320150021.756000
157Mobile SingleYesCARDWELL 200A200021.953400


Our operation facilities are well positioned to meet the service demands of a wide variety of completions, workover,
and abandonments in Western Canada and the North Western United States.

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