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ClearCompliance – Inactive Well Data Management System

ClearCompliance is an online software program to manage regulatory compliance of inactive wells and pipelines.   It is a single data repository tool with built-in data validation, which applies a set of industry standard rules across all business units / assets, and significantly reduces risk and enhances reporting and forecasting abilities.

The software offers one simple to use solution of a single data management system designed to notify and schedule work, advise on requirements that minimize risk, reduce costly over-sights and allow ease of access across business units.

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Capitalize on your assets with:

  • Clear visibility to corporate liability and compliance requirements
  • Intuitive dashboards provide insight into regulatory standings and potential issues
  • Plan, execute, report, and make informed decisions with ease before regulatory deadlines are reached

Modules Available include:

  • Inactive Wells Management – Be Proactive instead of Reactive
  • Surface Casing Vent Flows – Manage your entire SCVF testing and repair program
  • Liability Management – Discover over reported or missing liability
  • Abandonment and Remediation/Reclamation Tracking – Organize and track wells requiring surface abandonment
  • Inactive Pipeline Management – Simplify managing pipeline discontinuations

Every well that is licensed to a subscribing company is automatically loaded and maintained in the database, allowing users to manage their inactive wells to ensure they are compliant with local regulations.  Optional Field Tablets are available which allow for convenient field site inspections in a simple to use check-list format.

Once you try it, you will wonder how you ever managed your wells without it!

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