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Two Years Recordable Incident Free

High Arctic realised the goal of maintaining a zero total recordable incident rate across the business for a total of two years.

Two Years Recordable Incident Free2019-01-18T12:38:14-06:00

Major Earthquake effects PNG

Papua New Guinea is rocked by a massive 7.5 Earthquake and series of large aftershocks in late February through April 2018. High Arctic has one operation effected when fissures open on the well site but suffers no significant damage to its assets. Meanwhile High Arctic’s recordable incident free period [...]

Major Earthquake effects PNG2019-01-18T13:11:50-06:00

Rig 115 Commences with Oil Search

Following the conclusion of its contract with Exxon Mobil in June 2017, and after reaching agreement in December 2017, Oil Search picks up the first load of a scaled down Rig 115 to drill an appraisal well at Kimu in the Gulf Province. The rigs flexibility is seen as [...]

Rig 115 Commences with Oil Search2019-01-18T13:13:51-06:00

Fast Moving Rig Contract Signed

High Arctic and Oil Search agree to mobilise a highly mobile land rig for use in Papua New Guinea to prove the efficacy of a small footprint rig for field optimisation work in areas with or close to existing roads.

Fast Moving Rig Contract Signed2019-01-18T14:26:53-06:00

One Year Recordable Incident Free

Having many times achieved one or more years Lost Time Injury (LTI) free, High Arctic goes one step further in its efforts to eliminate all workplace injuries, by achieving one year without any recordable incidents. This subsequently continued through the whole of 2017, ensuring that 2017 represented a whole [...]

One Year Recordable Incident Free2019-01-18T14:29:36-06:00

Rig 104 Successfully Finishes Muruk -1

Rig 104 successfully finished drilling activity on Muruk 1 and its many exploration sidetracks. The well is hailed a success and the confirmed discovery of a massive new gas field draws international attention to PNG again.

Rig 104 Successfully Finishes Muruk -12019-01-18T14:40:30-06:00