Why Choose High Arctic

Choose High Arctic for High Standards, Effective Systems, and Complete Professionalism. High Arctic consistently delivers superior products and services because we base everything we do on a strong foundation and an integrated approach. Our unique combination of vision, values, standards, systems, and professionalism is what makes our company truly outstanding. It is this foundation and approach that ensures our clients receive the best possible outcome each and every time we work together.

High Arctic is often asked to take on critical, high pressure programs – we’ve got a proven record of ensuring swift, safe resolutions to these issues.

Building On A Foundation Of Vision & Values

We are committed to delivering outstanding quality and efficient performance to our clients, yet we are uncompromising in our adherence to the strong values that have built our company.
High Arctic’s corporate vision and core values form the foundation for the delivery of superior performance. Creating a successful organization for all stakeholders while exercising integrity, dedication, accountability, and professionalism – these are among the values that we promote in our people and form the foundation for our work.

Meeting & Exceeding Industry Standards

By monitoring our operations in the context of requirements and standards, we maintain and enhance our services to meet and exceed industry standards.

At High Arctic, compliance with industry codes, guidelines, and practices is a crucial focus. We maintain a Certificate of Recognition, granted to companies that meet or exceed industry requirements. We fulfil these vital corporate obligations through a cohesive network of business practices including employee responsibility and performance goals.


Ensuring Consistently
Superior Services Through
Our Quality Management Systems

Our management protocols systematize our processes, thus ensuring repeatable excellence.

High Arctic achieved ISO 9001 Certification in 2003, and has recently undergone an ISO audit to renew certification at our facility in Acheson, Alberta. Our accreditation in this internationally recognized quality management system demonstrates and facilitates our commitment to excellence, conformity, compliance, and continual improvement.

Activities are standardized throughout our global operations, and the system is audited annually. Importantly, our Quality Management System includes a reporting structure that uses client and employee feedback to recognize and act upon opportunities for growth, process improvements, and unparalleled performance.

Achieving Company-Wide
Excellence Through Comprehensive Training & Programs

The thorough professionalism of our people ensures that we deliver the skillsets required in a context of utmost safety and an unceasing quest for quality.
Together with our Quality Management Systems, High Arctic’s training programs enable us to meet our professional dedication to excellence. To deliver safe and efficient services, High Arctic uses advanced approaches such as behavior-based training and technical innovations. Seven levels of competency-based training combine classroom theory with real-world experience, and exceed all government certification requirements. A fully-operational training well at Head Office provides hands-on practice for our workers and education for our clients. Support for continuing education allows our employees to complete university and college degrees, and attend technical schools and day seminars.


Life Saving Behaviours

High Arctic recognizes the value of providing clear, simple and consistent communication regarding risks in the workplace and the proper use of barriers and safeguards to protect the workforce; this is where High Arctic’s Life Saving Behaviours come in.

Each Life Saving rule is linked to controls and barriers which, if used properly, can prevent or avoid serious incidents.

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