NTransport Bulkers

Onsite N2 Transport Services Available 24/7

High Arctic’s N2 Transport Bulkers – with a 21,000 scm3 tank capacity – are available 24 hours a day to supply our customers with large volume requirements. When not directly working for a customer, we keep our bulkers on the road, topping up our nitrogen pumpers wherever they may be. By continually refilling our pumps remotely, we can keep our operators rested and our equipment readily available for the next call.


  • 21,500m3 tank capacity
  • Two transfer line connections to feed two pumpers
  • Two recirculation lines
  • Available 24 hrs
  • Equipped with a single rupture disc in parallel with a safety relief valve
  • Also equipped with a 15 psi road relief valve for transportation
High Arctic N2 Transport Bulker

Estimated Weights

 Full Tank75% Ban LoadEmpty Tank
Tridem Axle Group:24,000 kg17,250 kg8,700 kg
Tri-Drive Tractor Axle:22,500 kg17,250 kg10,400 kg
Steering Axle:6,650 kg6,400 kg6,100 kg


Length: 20.83 m
Width:2.59 m
Height: 3.85 m