Load Manager

Initially, the patented Load Management System (Canadian patent number 2,548,342; US patent number 7,484,558 B2) was designed as a means of wellhead stabilization for threaded wellhead connections.

Upon further development, it was determined that this component would allow the Stand Alone to become freestanding (no anchors required).

When following the installation procedures, the outriggers are pre-loaded with 75 ft/lbs of torque, which equates to 5,500 lbs/outrigger (the weight of snub stack and double gate BOPs).

Vertical Capacity: 30,000 lbs / 13,340 daN

Wind Capacity: 70 mph / 112 kph

Maximum Height Capacity: 2 meters

Once stabilized, the additional weight of tubing or increase in load due to well servicing operations is transferred vertically into the wellhead and casing.